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Jojoba Oil for making Soap, Lotions, Creams
and Cosmetic Products. Soap Making Supplies.

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Jojoba Oil for Soap Making, Lotions, Creams.

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Jojoba Oil - Clear Organic

Jojoba Oil

Clear Organic Jojoba Oil
  1 oz. $4.75
  4 oz. $9.00
  8 oz. $17.75
  16 oz. $35.20
  Gallon $234.96

Jojoba Oil - Golden Organic

Jojoba Oil

Golden Organic Jojoba Oil
  1 oz. $4.75
  4 oz. $9.00
  8 oz. $17.75
  16 oz. $35.20
  Gallon $234.96

Jojoba oil is a liquid wax produced in the seed of a jojoba plant, a shrub native to southern Arizona, southern California and northwestern Mexico. Jojoba oil makes up approximately 50% of the jojoba seed by weight.

Wholesale jojoba oil is a mixture of wax esters, 36 to 46 carbon atoms in length. Each molecule consists of a fatty acid and a fatty alcohol joined by an ester bond. 98% of fatty acid molecules are unsaturated at the 9th carbon-carbon bond (omega-9).

Unrefined wholesale jojoba oil appears as a clear golden liquid at room temperature with a slightly fatty odor. Refined wholesale jojoba oil is colorless and odorless. Melting point of wholesale jojoba oil is approximately 10C and the iodine value is approximately 80. Jojoba oil is relatively shelf-stable when compared with other vegetable oils. It has an Oxidative Stability Index of approximately 60, which means that it is more shelf-stable than oils of safflower oil, canola oil, almond oil or squalene but less than jojoba oil and coconut oil.

Source: www.wikipedia.org

Jessica Bay has been a supplier of soap making supplies since 1999. We started out by selling fragrances, potpourri oils & fragrance oils - all at wholesale prices. Our wholesale customers soon started asking for glycerin melt and pour glycerin soap, jojoba oil and other soap making supplies. We also sell an all natural lotion, bath salt, dyes, pigments, molds, fragrance oils, bottles, jars & jojoba oil. Wholesale prices for jojoba oil.

If you're only making products for yourself, selling them at craft shows or selling supplies wholesale to others, Jessica Bay offers fast, friendly service of soap making supplies, fragrances, molds, soap supplies to all of our wholesale customers at wholesale prices.

Let Jessica Bay provide your soap making supplies for all of your craft making needs. Our soap making supplies are fresh - we believe that our wholesale prices are the best that you'll find. You don't have to own a business to purchase jojoba oil and other soap making supplies from us. Nothing is required except a need for making great quality products and soap making supplies at wholesale prices. Jojoba oil & soap making supplies.

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Jojoba Oil for making Soap, Lotions, Creams. Illinois Supplier of Soap Making Supplies