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All Natural Lotion Base Instruction

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Lotion Base Instructions

How to make Hand Lotion, Creams, Body Lotion, Face Cream, Body Butter

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Materials Required

Lotion Base
Distilled Water
Candy Thermometer
Large Glass or Metal Bowl
Hand or Paddle Mixer
Jars or Bottles for your lotion and cream
Fragrance Oil
Pigments or Dyes    (optional)

1)    Use table below to determine how much water you'll need to warm.

2)    Warm distilled water to 150 Degrees F (65 Degrees C).

3)    Put some Lotion Base in mixing bowl.

4)    Add a small amount of warm distilled water to Lotion Base and start blending
        both together using a hand or paddle mixer at high speed.

5)    Continue adding and blending Lotion Base and warm distilled water together until
        you're satisfied with its consistency.

6)    Fragrance Oil    (optional) - Generally use 1 teaspoon of our fragrance per pound of
        product.    The amount of fragrance oil to use depends on quality of the fragrance oil
        and your own personal preference.

7)    Cosmetic Safe Dye or Pigment    (optional) - Using our liquid dyes or liquid pigments,
        start by adding 1 drop until desired color is reached. The amount of dye or pigment
        to use will depend on the quality of the dyes or pigments.

All Natural Lotion Base Distilled Water Finished Product
1 Lb 1 Lb 2 Lbs of Thick Cream
1 Lb 2 Lb 3 Lbs of Light Cream
1 Lb 3 Lb 4 Lbs of Thick Lotion
1 Lb 4 Lb 5 Lbs of Light Lotion
1 Lb 6 Lb 7 Lbs of Body Milk
1/2 Lb 8 Lb 8 1/2 Lbs of Body Mist

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