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Digital Scale, Face Masks, Soap Boxes, Cello Bags,
Wood Scoops, Thermometers, Cellophane Bags

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Digital Scales, Protective Face Masks, Soap Boxes,
Thermometers, Cello Bags, Wood Scoops, Pipettes

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Soap Making Kettle

Soap Making Kettle, Soap Kettle

5 Pound Melting Capacity

Capacity:   5 Pounds
Great for Soap Crafting Pros and Hobbyists.
Great for Parties and Classes.
Easy to use and clean.

 $35.00 Each

Escali Digital Scale

Digital Soap Making Scale

Chrome Finish

Capacity:   11 Pounds / 5 Kg
Measuring Units:    Ounces / Grams
Increments:   1/10th oz. / 1 gram
Power Source:    Two AA Batteries  (included)
Dimensions:   8" x 6" x 1.25"
Auto Shut-Off
Tare Feature
5 Year Limited Warranty

 $25.95 Each


Face Mask with Protective Shield

Face Mask with Protective Shield

 Face Mask with Shield  $24.69
 Additional Shields  $6.49 ea.  


Kraft Soap Boxes, White Soap Boxes

Eco-Friendly Soap Boxes

Kraft Soap Boxes
 .35 ea.         
 12 for $4.08  
 48 for $14.50

White Soap Boxes
 .36 ea.         
 12 for $4.25  
 48 for $14.98

Eco-friendly, upscale packaging for your handcrafted luxury soaps. Soap boxes are made using a sturdy .06 centimeter thick paperboard. Corner cut window is placed leaving room for a label on the same side if desired. Both white a kraft boxes are made from 100% recycled fiber. Manufactured in the USA

Note: The color of the boxes may vary from run to run.


Droppers and Pipettes

Glass Droppers, Plastic Pipettes

Plastic Pipettes, 3-1/2 inches
 .25 ea.       25 for $4.74
 100 for $15.77       500 for $73.00

Plastic Pipettes, 6 inches, 3 ml
 .35 ea.       25 for $4.74
 100 for $15.77       500 for $73.00


Wood Scoops

Soap Making Accessories, Soap Supplies, Wood Scoops, Wholesale Supplies

3-1/2 Inches Long

Wood Scoops
 12 for $9.00       100 for $70.00   

Flat Polyethylene Bags

3 x 8 inch Poly Bags

1.2 Mil Flat Clear Polypropylene

3" x 5" Flat Clear Poly Bags
  1 for $0.10       25 for $2.00
  100 for $4.90

3" x 8" Flat Clear Poly Bags
  100 for $3.50

5" x 7" Flat Clear Poly Bags
  1 for $0.15       25 for $2.75
  100 for $5.90

6" x 8" Flat Clear Poly Bags
  25 for $2.90       100 for $9.00


4" x 6" Flat Shrink Wrap Bags
  1 for $0.15        25 for $1.75
  100 for $5.25


Cello Bags & Twist Ties

Soap Supplies, Soap Making Accessories, Gusseted Cellophane Bags, Cello Bags, Wholesale Supplies

4" x 9" Gusseted Bags

 4" x 9" Gusseted Cello Bags - 100 ea. $6.50
 White Vinyl Twist Ties - 100 ea. for $2.00
 Gold Twist Ties - 100 ea. for $3.00

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Digital Scales, Thermometers, Cellophane Bags, Pipettes, Soap Making Supplies